Compliance program guidelines are demanding, complex and require advice from independent third parties.

The courts and specialized tribunals, such as in Chile the Tribunal de Defensa de Libre Competencia, have outlined the minimum requirements that an adequate compliance program must have, requiring permanent monitoring by independent third parties of its observance, establishing effective measures for the review of information from members of the board of directors, managers and, in general, executives who exercise acts of administration.

At SEAL, we assess the design, effectiveness and efficiency of these programs using technological tools to comprehensively and efficiently monitor these programs.

Our team has experience in the public sector (regulatory and supervisory agencies) and the private sector in matters of anti-corruption, data protection, competition law and fraud.

We assist clients whose business is conducted in highly regulated markets, in competitive industries and who are often subject to regulations in different jurisdictions.

We deliver our work on time and within budget by applying national and international best practices. Our goal is to create proactive strategies to protect your assets and reputation so that our clients achieve their business objectives in a sustainable manner over time.

Our Services

Auditing and Monitoring

We advise on proactive and effective compliance programs to meet national and international standards.


We carry out a comprehensive analysis of processes and data that allows us to create appropriate programs for each organization.

Internal Investigations

We advise in the development of internal investigations and support evidence findings.


We have continuous training for compliance programs in the face of constant regulatory changes.