Digital Evidence Analysis

The discovery of evidence in time can define the success of a case. At SEAL we support law firms in litigation and/or arbitration proceedings that require search, hosting and/or display of data/evidence. This includes mass requests for information from authorities.

With our technology we provide full range services for the search, finding and/or production of digital evidence relevant to each case.

Our technology ensures efficiency in the process and confirms that the collected evidence meets the highest standards of evidence production.

El apoyo digital incluye el uso de un software especializado, administración del proceso de revisión, revisores, sistematización y producción de resultados, según la necesidad del cliente.

Our Services

Document Review

We have expert professionals who use specialized software to achieve a faster turnaround and also preserve the integrity of each document.

Data Storage

We extract, index, process, sort and host the data of a case for review or backup.

Data extraction

We review each of the devices containing information and host them on our platform.


We identify and characterize relevant electronic information for submission to the courts.